Older work

In these paintings I’ve used inlaid, painted, faux frames surrounding a central image to further draw attention to the artifice of that image.  The contradictory relationships of structure and ornament, indulgence and transcendence, mysticism and artifice are all themes inherent in the history and practice of painting.  That relationship is the subject of my work.

Paintings. Gardens with and without Figures 2008-2015

This is a sample of a series that I have been working on since 2008.  My recent paintings are largely a continuation of the issues I was  dealing with in my previous work.  I feel like I’m basically just taking those issues to another level.  I use arcadian images of  gardens and forests as arenas for an intuitive exploration of what I think of as  specifically painterly content, and try to create a visual euphoria particular to painting. I’ve always allowed my painting to grow into whatever shape it wants, and while there’s a strong art historical precedent to the practice of painting elaborately dressed figures in gardens and forests, it’s also organic to the direction my work is headed.